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About Us


From left to right: Spike, Cortney, & Tay

                               has been in the events industry for nearly 20 years. He started his career as an on air radio personality hosting the midnight shift at KCCN FM100 from 2001 - 2010. During those years, he honed his craft as an emcee as he hosted events such as concerts, movie premiers,  promotional and club events. It was also during these years, that he worked for a mobile DJ company as a DJ where he also ran live sound for bands at weddings, parties, and other various celebrations. 

In 2009, he decided to open his own Emcee and DJ company. Over the following years, he found much success as he focused on being a wedding emcee and DJ. He was not limited to working just weddings, but would also work project graduations, sporting events, birthday and graduation parties, etc. He would also donate his time and talent to non-profit organization events and fundraisers. In mid 2019, Spike closed his solo Emcee and DJ business so that he and his best friends, Tay and Cortney, could open a new Emcee and DJ company as owners of Exquisite Vibes Entertainment.

As the lead emcee for Exquisite Vibes Entertainment, Spike will keep your guests entertained with his high energy, witty humor, and impromptu surprises to take your event from ordinary to EXQUISITE!
                  has always loved music and has been fascinated by the musical combinations of a DJ. In 2016, Spike asked Tay if she wanted to assist him at an event. That was just the beginning of what is today. Since then, Spike has mentored Tay on the many aspects of being a DJ.
Tay has gained knowledge and experience as a DJ and audio technician through multiple events such as weddings, sporting events, birthday and graduation parties, etc. Her passion, care, and hard work that she puts into each event is unquestionable. Using the experience and knowledge that Tay has gained throughout the years, she has mastered her craft and has become one of Hawaii's very few female DJ's in the wedding industry.

As the lead DJ for Exquisite Vibes Entertainment, you can be sure that your event will be taken to the next level with her knowledge of music.



                                 started out in the wedding and events industry in 2016 in the same way Tay did when Spike asked for her help at one of his events while he had his own DJ business. Since then, she has assisted at many events throughout the years. Each event was, and still is, a learning experience in which she is continuously gaining knowledge from.

Now, as a co-owner of Exquisite Vibes Entertainment, she contributes in many ways. She is the lead visual designer in which she creates amazing lighting effects for events, she creates social media content, and she takes the helm in the marketing and advertising department.

Her main focus is bringing to life the lighting designs that clients envision for their events. Her creativity has garnered compliments and attention with her placement of lighting equipment throughout the venue space, as well as her creations of amazing lighting effects during key moments of an event, such as the first dance of a wedding, as well as the dancing portion of an event.

With Cortney as the lead visual designer for Exquisite Vibes Entertainment, you can expect your event to be filled with amazing colors, visual designs, and coordinated light effects to take your event from being basic, to EXQUISITE!

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